Crossfield’s Australian Pub – There ARE Kangaroos In Austria

Austria and Australia are separated only by two letters and at the same time also by 14 thousands kilometers. A lot of people are confusing between these two completely different countries. There is even a welcome sign at airport of Salzburg for those who mistakenly arrived to Austria instead of Australia. And of course, there are a lot jokes, t-shirts and souvenirs about absence of kangaroos in Austria. But we found one place in Vienna that really has kangaroos. Today we will talk about Crossfield’s Australian Pub.

Crossfield’s is probably the most Australian place you can find throughout Europe. Just after entering pub, you start to feel the Australian atmosphere – sun, wild nature, surfing and a lot of joy. You know, this is like watching Crocodile Dundee while being a child. This year Crossfield`s celebrated its 20th birthday and has its own traditions and heritage.

Why to visit Crossfield`s?

Great selection of drinks:  Crossfield’s drinks menu consists of more than 25 types of beer and cider(some of them are from Australia and X-Field lager is brewed on the spot); whiskey and liquors, cocktails and wine(mostly from Australia and New Zealand); and other beverages. Also, every month there is new beer of the month for a special price.

Traditional Australian Meals:  Crossfield’s food menu includes pretty casual things like bacon, chicken wings or burgers alongside with such exotic for non-Australian folks dishes like kangaroo fillet, crocodile steak and grilled grasshoppers.

English speaking staff: all barmen, waiters and other staff members have perfect English. This is a significant advantage for Austria.

Live sports: Like any other worthy Australian pub, Crossfield’s shows most major Rugby, Soccer and Cricket matches.

Online reservations: Pub`s website offers online reservations.

Trivia Night: Every Monday evening, from 8pm, Crossfield’s hosts Trivia Night  which has become cult among Vienna’s pub quiz and trivia players. Crossfield’s Trivia Night feature 20 questions presented both in German and English(great for not speaking German tourists).

How to get to Crossfield’s?

Visit Crossfield’s website for more information, upcoming events, opening hours, live sports schedule, menu, beer of the month and specials. Don`t forget to follow Crossfield’s on Facebook and Instagram.

10 months ago

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