Antisocial Woman Pretends To Be Blind For 28 Years

I bet you don’t like people much, cause you are browsing a website named “Misanthrope Online”. But it looks like we found someone more antisocial than you.

Carmen Jimenez, 57, from Madrid, Spain, was completely blind for 28 years after experiencing a serious eye injury. But recently woman revealed that all this time she faked her blindness. Her family was shocked to hear that all this time Carmen was able to see perfectly, although they noticed that something is weird in her behavior from time to time. Her husband told reporters, that her makeup was perfect and sometimes she tried to watch TV from corners of her eyes. A bit suspicious, you know.

But why someone will pretend being blind for 28 years? Most of you will say for not walking to work and receiving financial benefits. But Carmen had different reasons. She explained her move, by saying that she was tired to say “hello” everyday to people she didn’t actually like and didn’t want to greet at all.

“I was tired of meeting people on the street and stopping to say hello, I’ve never been very social person, and by pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities,” – she said, according to Spanish website Hay Noticia.

It’s hard to imagine the shock her family experienced when Carmen revealed the truth about her fake blindness. Besides the need to explain her decisions to a family, Carmen may face legal challenge for accepting financial assistance and other benefits from different private organizations.

P.S. Although this story went viral(first in Spain, then wordly), but many people have a doubt about it`s reliability while others also claim that Hay Noticia completely invented it and Carmen Jimenez even doesn’t exist.

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10 months ago

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